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Friday, December 30, 2016

Fashion in our life

Fashion is one of the most interesting topics in the world. It is a very important aspect of culture. Different dresses are used in different cultures. There are a number of colors and the variety of garments used by different people in different regions of the world. There are a number of different styles, colors, clothing and accessories. Style stands for a different culture of the other. Fashion is one of the best ways to express feelings. Bright colors show happiness. And the contrasting colors are probably sad and especially in a day like any black door. Fashion also depends on the mood and situations. People dress up after the event. In some happiest moments of life or a party or a wedding people love wearing bright and elegant clothes. Some sad situations or loss of someone most people are in black and white clothes depending on region or culture.
So fashion is the only item that makes with your loved ones your special day. Fashion shows are also a major role to play in the spread of fashion. Fashion shows an important role in the spread of culture and fashion in other cultures. By way, people will get to know about fashion from different cultures and try to catch them and no doubt we love the fashioning of others and we are always keen to know others how. This number of days organized by fashion shows and fashion weeks in different parts of the world, the different cultures, the variety of clothing with a range of styles and attractive colors. Fashion shows an important place to the new fashion trends and fashion. Fashion shows are organized at company level and the number of celebrities and ordinary people will participate in getting ideas on fashion and clothing.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Ways To Care For Your Pair Of Leather Shoes

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Monday, August 22, 2016

T-shirts- who invented

Bring me a cup of tea, Barbara. Barbara’s hubby Thomson was  Shouting. Can’t you hear me? Where is my shirt? Bring me that too. Time is money. Do you understand? Where are you, In the bathroom? Old woman. Never looks after me, Thomson grumbles. Thomson family was living in a cottage of a village of old England before the industrial revolution. Barbara was bored with her husband who was used to order constantly. Barbara threw the shirt to his husband and as well as the full cup of tea to his worn shirt. This was a gossip of time when hand sewn local shirts people were used to wear. This is just like today’s T-shirt.   

People feel comforts wearing under garments made of soft cotton. It prevents scratching in the tender skins of the body. T-shirts evolving from undergarments were adopted by mine workers and laborers as it is comfortable in the hot seasons. United state soldiers came to Europe in first haft of the 20th century and then they were introduced to T-shirts. Tee or T-shirts resemble to the letter ‘T’. It may be the reason for its naming T-shirts. Its actual inventing time is unknown. It is unisex fabric with round neck also called crew neck and associated with no collar. T-shirts are exclusively included in the modern fashion of clothing now. People of all ages and genders are now wearing T-shirts. It’s a trendy fashion now. In 50s and 60s film actors played an important role to popularize the T-shirts. 

Young adults and teenagers like to wear T-shirts as an only clothing of upper part of the body. Beautiful funny designs and popular funny phrases and inspirational notes are visible on almost every type of T-shirts. If papa doesn’t fix it nobody can, I live in California but my heart is in Hawaii. Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it, confusius. I don’t need google my wife knows everything.  These are the samples. Now pets two wear T-shirts. It is today’s fashion. 

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